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What Are Flex Loans?

To make things more convenient and stress free, you can avail online flex loans from a direct lenders like GetCashExpress, where from accessibility to repayment, everything is flexible to the hilt. You can apply for flex loans online at any time and from anywhere since we are accessible 24x7.

Unpredicted expenditures can occur during the month due to many reasons- a medical emergency, restocking of household items, an increase in rent, etc.

What Are the Terms of Repayment for Flex Loans?

Flex loans can be paid as per your convenience over a certain period of time. They have no fixed repayment date like payday and installment loans do. You can choose to pay them in lump sum, or in parts, as per your convenience. Applying for a rollover is an option in case you fail to pay us back on time, and you can also pay prior to the due date without being imposed with pre-payment penalties.

Benefits of Flex Loans for Bad Credit:

Flex loans are definitely a very convenient loan to be able to acquire, but that doesn't make it difficult to obtain. In case you possess a bad credit history, it doesn't make you ineligible to receive online flex loans for bad credit. Online lenders like GetCashExpress do not rely on credit checks in order to issue loans to borrowers, which is why we provide flex loans online with no credit check , so poor credit scores do not matter to us. In order to avail no credit check flex loans all you have to do is provide us with your income statement and a few other verifiable documents.

Avail Easy Flex Loans from GetCashExpress

At GetCashExpress, we provide you with flex loans online with no credit check which you can repay either in installments if you need time to repay or are on a very tight budget, and you can also pay us back in lump sum if you don't want to be in debt for too long. We offer guaranteed approval flex loans online even for bad credit up to $1000 so you don't let a poor credit score concern you.

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GetCashExpress does not pull data from the three major credit bureaus Experian, Equifax or TransUnion for any credit checks, and solely depends on a third party service to collect required details concerning borrowers' credit status.

The loan application approval time is subjected to the authenticity of the information submitted. Should there be any requirement of information to establish the amount of loan the borrower qualifies for, it should be submitted as fast as possible. We do not approve all the loan applications; however, we make a decision on every application received. The maximum one can borrow and on what terms and at what rate, is dependent on the state laws. Application submitted Friday after 6:00 PM EST will be processed on the next business day i.e. Monday (if not a holiday).

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